XML and HTML templates

In this article I will give you details and examples on how XML and HTML specific structural search templates can be assembled. I will use the predefined templates coming from IntelliJ, extended with my own examples to cover different aspects.

try-catch and error logging in unit tests

On a recent project I ran into some nasty code quality both in production and test code. Looking at them, at first I cried a little bit, then got over it, then cried a little bit more… One prominent issue was that entire unit test methods were wrapped in try-catch(Exception) blocks, and the only thing […]

Expected/Formal type filter

There are a few, boxing/unboxing (and even casting) related, Existing templates that contain a filter configuration that, although is not customizable via the editor, it is still displayed to the users, and can be configured via the XML representation of templates. These are: In the editor it is displayed as Expected type, while in the […]